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With eyelash extensions becoming very popular among women every day there is some misunderstood information and terminology market. Please read below to fully understand eyelash extensions .
What are Xtreme Lash?
Or semi - permanent eyelash extensions?
Please do not confuse with understanding the difference between the extension service and brand tabs . There are several"big" brands on the market such as Xtreme Lash, NovaLash 3D Lash etc... These are all top brand manufacturers of eyelash extensions, not to be confused with the actual service itself , which is semi - permanent eyelash extensions. Choose a stylist tabs based on their experience , references, and most importantly the knowledge and not necessarily based on the brand. After all, these are the eyes and should take skill, experience and knowledge to give you a Professional Premium service.
Not necessarily choose one brand over the experience. Remember "Practice makes perfect. " The end of the day , the numbers do not lie. How many clients are her stylist ( s ) of the eyelashes really serving one, two or twenty-two? As they always say, "Experience is the best teacher".
Beauty Legend says the film director DW Griffith designed the first set of false eyelashes, while creating a movie in 1916. He wanted his leading lady Phyllis Haver have such long eyelashes adorning her cheeks when she blinked he looked down.
A wig maker set to work creating the tabs of human hair and gauze, and the result was movie magic . Unfortunately , the film was not , and the script became unforgettable . However, false eyelashes were remembered to the misfortune of Griffith who never formally made ​​a claim to fame and had his dummy idea stolen and altered in the coming decades.
Since 1916 there have been many actresses and celebrities who use false eyelashes. Twiggy is an example of someone in the spotlight who uses false in the way they were intended . Lash has always been a statement for "The Art Of A Lady. They have been used in cartoon characters like Betty Boop, Judy Jetson, Miss Piggy and olive oil ( Popeye ). TV characters like Lucy (I Love Lucy ), Samantha ( Bewitched ), Genie (I Dream of Genie), and Ginger from Gilligans Island are just a few that have been idealized by using eyelash extensions. Today eyelash extensions are the fastest  growing beauty trend in the world. 

Eyelash extension tabs are synthetic bind an individual natural eyelashes with a special adhesive . The eyelashes come in different lengths, curls and thickness, "which allows you to customize the application." Manufactured by hand or by machine, most lash extensions are made from polyester to mimic human eyelashes and other materials such as mink and silk. actual mink fur and human hair also used.
Created in Asia in late 1990 , this beauty trend has made its mark worldwide . Eyelash extensions were once a beauty secret of Hollywood, but now it is becoming a welcome beauty regimen of women every day addition. The popularity of extensions continue to grow , as it is the most innovative way to add length and volume to your own natural eyelashes without mascara.
Extensions of semi -permanent individual lashes can last 30 to 60 days, with regular care and maintenance. The life cycle of the flanges is approximately 45 to 90 days after which it falls, together with the extension , a new lash grows immediately in place - hence retouching application is necessary to replace the tabs falls and keep tabs looking fresh .
Flares are another alternative for eyelash extensions , lasting 1-2 weeks is a great choice for a special occasion .
About eyelash extensions :
0.15 mm to 0.25 mm
8 mm to 15 mm
J , F , D , Y, B , and W curls
The most popular curls are J , B, and C Curl
What type of training has its lash eyelash specialists received ? Our specialist Lash have been trained by some of the top manufacturers in the country tabs . Flirt and Flutter puts safety first , so we are not loyal to any particular manufacturer . We believe that you can learn the skills and make each service to be one of the best on the market . Some companies may have good glue , but his training methods could be better. And on the other hand, the training methods are good and the sticker is shoddy . Flirt & Flutter Lash Specialist visit frequently beautician important trade shows to keep up with the latest innovative trends in the industry lashes. We seek the best and most current market knowledge to serve our customers.
We believe that " practice makes perfect " Experience the best service with eyelash extensions find out how long was your lashes specialist in the industry. It takes time and practice to increase speed and Manipulate manual manipulations . The fact that a specialist eyelash received certified training from a company popular tabs not make him / her one of the best in the industry. Lashologist and Master Cosmetologist Shea Evans says: "I've been doing lashes for many years, and when I started I was not the best in the industry went to workshops after workshops and when all was said and done, realize that . I had to get my hands on as many people as I could build my speed and control my hand handling . 've seen many jobs poor eyelashes and I always tell myself that this person needs a little more practice . "
Just remember it is not always better to go with the popular brand name,  experience is the " BEST TEACHER"
How long will my eyelash extensions ? Eyelash extensions are temporary and can last up to 3-8 weeks depending on aftercare. A life cycle is the actual tabs around 25-28 days and yours grow and fall , so that synthetic attached . If your hair and nails grow faster then that means that your lashes will also be growing, shedding and renewing itself quickly. You may find that your lashes may not last as long as someone with slow hair growth . Your lifestyle and the type of work you do will also have an influence on how long they will last. A person working in the food industry , where there is a little heat, steam and oil can not last , as someone who works in an office with air conditioning.
Will I lose any of my own natural lashes? As long as you do not pull your eyelash extensions products or use is not recommended , you do not have to worry .
Your queue contain formaldehyde? Please see the Xtreme Lash web site for details . Click here:
What kind of glue do you use? Used four different types of glue . Each is formulated for a certain period of use and the application process . Please make an appointment for more details about our glue. Due the curiosity of our competitor , only expose this information to the actual customers .

What is the length of each of the extensions? We have four different lengths for individual tabs , mini , short , med and long . Semi-permanent eyelash extensions vary in length from 6mm -17mm .
Are eyelash extensions glued to the skin? No apply 1 mm away from the eye lid natural eyelashes .
Saco my own natural lashes , I can replace ? With natural or semi-permanent eyelashes extensions people ? People lash extensions and semi-permanent eyelash extensions need to be connected to your own natural lashes . The adhesive is formulated to attach to the hair , therefore , the glue does not adhere to the skin , only the natural eyelash. You will not be a good customer for eyelash extensions , and you pull out your lashes in patches or clumps. You can try a strip of lashes, and adhering to the skin of the upper eyelid ,
Can I use an eyelash curler to curl my extensions of single / semi tabs? No, an eyelash curler will weaken and make you get up and leave .
Can I use mascara? Yes, but we recommend using the formulated mascara for extensions. Mascara also shorten the life of eyelash extensions. Flirt and Flutter suggest trying to avoid mascara. You can get out of bed looking great and young as ever. Best of all , it will make your lashes look like you are wearing the mask 24/7, without clumping , stripes, looking spots obtained from the use of mascara. No more running mascara streaks and it's great for brides on their wedding day .
Can I wear makeup? Yes, but do not need mascara and it is possible that you will not need eye liner. You can still wear eyeliner or eye shadow, but remember to remove with a product that does not contain oil of any kind as this will affect the glue. Flirt and Flutter performed after care products that will help extend the life of your individual eyelash extensions .
Will you give me aftercare instructions? Yes, all customers receive cards aftercare instructions after each visit .









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