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Eyelash Extension Training






INVESTMENT: $1949. Discount has been applied

PRIVATE/INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: No Additional Charge at this time. Only offered in Atlanta and Miami. Please call 888-378-5188 for booking
SUPPLIES: Student will receive a kit for each course. See each course for details
REQUIREMNTS: Only licensed cosmetologist, estheticians, nurses, doctors and makeup artist are recommended for this course. You must take the Principle of Infeciton & Control Course if you do not meet the requirements
Duration: 3 Days 
Time: 8am to 3pm each day
Finally a certification for those seeking to make a career in enhancing the eyes. The EYE ENHANCEMENT CERTIFICATION includes training in strips, clusters, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, waxing , razoring, eyebrow hi-liting, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming. This certification is considered to be the most advanced certification one can hold for the beautification of the eyes. Students may take this course in one setting or they may break it up and take each individual course individually until they have completed all required courses to earn a EYE ENHANCEMENT SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION. Today eye enhancement services have become just as popular as hair and makeup services in the salons. Clients are looking to turn back the hands of time and what better way to do it with beautifying the eyes. This is a must take course for those wanting to pursue a lucrative career in this field.
OVERVIEW OF EYELASH EXTENSIONS (Strips, Clusters and Semi-Permanent)
Products for Use of Application
Health & Safety
Preparing the Client
Application Process
Removal Process
After Care Products
Product Analysis and Review
Cost of Service
Marketing Tips and Trouble Shooting
"Bonus" How to Become One of the Top 5 In Your Area
Products to Use For Application
Overview of Eyebrow Hi-liting
Overview of Eyelash Perming




Duration: 2 day
Start Time: 8am to 4pm
Supplies: Comes with a kit that can service up to 50 clients. Upgraded professional kit available at additional cost.
Requirements: This course is recommended for estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, nurses, and doctors. You may take this course if you do not have a license but keep in mind you must check with your local and state entities to see if you need a license to perform in your state. We are not a licensing board, we only certifiy students.
This course will prepare the student to apply clusters, strips, and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Students will be given a certificate at the end of this course with the title Master Lash Specialist.
Can be booked as a private course at our Miami Headquarters call 888-378-5188 for detail
Flirt & Flutter has decided to bring the best training possible to those wanting to pursue a certification in eyelash extensions and brow design. We promote proper training not retail. Unlike most companies that promote their retail products instead of structured training in eyelash extensions, Flirt & Flutter strives to educated those seeking knowledge in servicing eyelash extensions to their clients. Our classes makeup artist or individuals wanting to earn a lucrative income . Eyelash extensions are the fastest growing beauty trend in the world. Soon there will be just as many eyelash salons as there are nail salons.
Don't get left behind by not being certified in this recession proof industry. Learn from the best and become the best. You will learn how to apply lashes starting from the basic strip to applying cluster lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions. Our eyelash extension certification classes only are recommended for hair and nail salons, estheticians, cosmetologist, how you how to do one or the other, we have decided to give you training in all applications. We believe that as a "Master Lash Specialist" you should know all techniques to properly serve the client. Don't get caught without certification when your client asks " Do you offer lash extension services?" Sign up for your class today and start earning big money as a "Master Lash Specialist.


 Master Brow Specialist Certification

Investment: $499 Save $100 if taken with the Mast Lash Specialist Course
Supplies- Student Kit Provided  services up to 50 clients 
Duration: 1 day
Time: 4pm to & 7:30pm

Art of Brow Shaping with Wax, Tweeze & Razor
This is a must take class. Learn the tricks of the trade for truly shaping eyebrows. Clients want more than a cleanup. They want a precision shape or design to their eyebrows. Sign up today and start building a serious eyebrow clientele
Students will receive the opportunity to practice eyebrow applications on live models (provided by student) under the supervision of a Master Level Trainer.

Topics Covered
Overview of Eyebrow Applications (Wax, Tweeze, Razor)
Products to Use For Application
Health & Safety
Preparing the Client
Application Process
After Care & Products
Cost of Service
Marketing Tips & Troubleshooting

THE Art of Threading (Hair Removal)

SUPPLIES- STUDENT KIT PROVIDED services up to 75 clients
DURATION: 1 DAY up to 4 hours
The Art of Threading is a must take class. This course will certifiy students to thread eyebrows, face, arms, fingers, legs, toes, hands, feet and underarms. Students will learn the jaw-cinching technique. This course is designed for those who want to enhance their brow skills or for those who want to become a threading specialist. It is recommended if you have never had any training in eyebrows that you take the Master Brow Specialist Certification prior to attending this workshop. Understanding brow symmetry is must when it comes to threading.
Students will receive same day certification, instructional notes, and a take home kit.
Art of Brow Shaping with Wax, Tweeze & RazorClasses includes Brow design Starter Kit
Topics Covered:
Overview Of Threading ( Brows, Face, Arms, Hands, Feet, Toes and Underarms)
Poducts to Use For Hair Removal
Health & Safety
Preparing The Client
Application Process
After Care & Products
Cost of Service
Marketing Tips & Troubleshooting




















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