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We Service and Train in Miami, Atlanta,  New York, Manhattan, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver and San Francisco for  Microblading, 3D Brows, Micropigmentation, Featherstroke Brows and Permanent Makeup. Get Microstroking, Eyebrow Tattoo, Lip Tattoo, and Eyeliner Tattoo with one of our certified Microblading Specislists.

What is Microblading? Eyebrow Embroidery? or 3D Feather Hair Stroke Method?
We know that it can be quite confusing when searching the web for the meaning of these different types of tattoos for the eyebrows. Relax, we are here to help you understand. Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that falls under the guidelines of tattoo artistry. Eyebrow Embroidery & 3D Feather Hair Stroke methods are all applications of Microblading. Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of tattooing. It is considered to be semi-permenant, as compared to the traditional hairstroke techniques done with a machine. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermis. One must be a licensed body art professional to perform this service in the USA. It is illegal to perform any tattooing of the body without a license from your local or state governement entity. All licensed professionals must be registered to perform their services in a registered licensed facility as well. In most states it is illegal to do any type of tattooing in the home. 

What is Micropigmentation? What is the difference between Micropigmentation and Microblading Method?
Micropigmentation is permanent eyebrow tattooing or semi-permanent makeup method. This method is done with a digital machine. The color is implanted deeper into the skin-known as the dermal layer. It lasts longer than Microblading/Eyebrow Embroidery method. Micropigmentation only needs to be re-touched every 2 to 5 years, sometimes longer. The skin does take slightly longer to heal being that is was done with a digital pen therefore the treated area needs aftercare ointment for approximately a week. The appointment time for this procedure is approximately 2 hours. This procedure lasts longer and costs more.
Flirt & Flutter Specialists are licensed for Body Art Tattoing in several states. Please feel free to ask to see our license. We have nothing to hide!

Let's Get Started with Microblading/ Permanent Makeup Services!

Here at Flirt & Flutter we are passionate about creating eyebrows perfectly tailored to our clients preference. With Microblading/ Permanent Makeup tattooing becoming increasingly a popular procedure, techniques are improved regularly. Our special techniques with each application process ensures that the results are the most natural look.
Designing the perfect eyebrows for each client is a highly qualified service team. The Flirt & Flutter Team provides consultations that result in patience with your wants and needs. We provide the finest pigments and devices manufactured in Germany and the U.S.A. to give our clients the maximum results.

Upon arrival to our salon you will have the opportunity to discuss your preferences. If you are not sure, our staff will advise you of various shapes and colors that best suit your face for microblading/ permanent makeup services.
If you have alopecia  choosing the right shape for your eyebrows  can be confusing. It is important that you are guided professionally according to your face shape and eye size. Alopecia is a disorder of common hair loss that leaves one with little or no eyebrow hair. You will be amazed at the improved appearance microblading/ permanent makeup services can do for you.
Before Care Instructions for Microblading
  • Do Not excercise the day of the procedure.
  • Do Not tan or come with a sunburned face.
  • Do Not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure
  • Do Not consume Alcohol or Caffeine on the day of the procedure
  • Do Not wax or tint eyebrows 3 days prior to the procedure
  • Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menustral cycle.

Aftercare Instructions for Microblading Procedures
It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully. Remember, all procedures must Heal, Peel and Fade. This process may take up to 10 days.
  • Do Not Pick or Scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring.
  • No water, cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on the treated area for 10 days
  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure.
  • Avoid profusely heavy sweating for the first 10 days
  • No Facials, Botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks
  • Avoid sleeping on your facefor the first 10 days
  • Avoid swimming, hot suana, jacuzzi for the first 10 days
  • Avoid Spicy Foods for the first 7 days
  • Avoid Smoking 
  • Avoid Driving in open air vehicles, such as boats, convertibles, bicycles and motorcycles during the first  7 Days
  • Before showering apply a layer of post-care cream to protect your eyebrows from moisture. During the shower, keep your face away from the showerhead.
Itching and Flaking will appear the first seven days of post microblading procedures. However, experience has shown that by following these aftercare instructions, these symptons may quickly disappear.
It will take up to 14 to 30 days to for the wounds to completely heal. Touch-ups can not be given until the 30 to 60 days after the initial procedure. 
What to expect after the procedure?
Your new microbladed eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. 
The pigment will appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of the skin and has not settled in completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually. Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton swab as this is excess pigment or bodily fluid that is naturally exiting your skin.
Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. This might give you the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly. However, this is just superficial color and dry skin being removed from your eyebrows.
Once completely heal always apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 and up to SPF 50 on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade more quickly. 
Prices for Our Microblading Eyebrow Services

Microblading/Eyebrow Embroidery Manual Pen Method- Regular $650 Special only $499 
Touch-Up Visit within 2 months- Complimentary
Micropigmentation/Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing Digital Pen Method $750  Special only $600

Effect Brow Powder $450.00 Special only $399
Gap In Brow / or tails Brow $350 Special only $250

Lightning and Corrections Must book a Consultation 1-888-378-5188
Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo (Digital Pen Method Only)

Here at Flirt & Flutter we offer the best procedure in permanent makeup eyeliner. Women and men often seek eyeliner tattoos as a natural way to enhance their facial features. . We specialize in a process of giving the natural eye a liner that is imperceptible to the human eye. Our eyeliner tattoos appear as a fine line that would be more like makeup or defining lashes to enhance their beauty. We are able to create several designs for eyeliner tattoo. From the wing look to the cat eye, Flirt & Flutter has you covered.


Permanent Makeup/ Tattoo Prices
Top  Eyeliner Tattoo- $350.00   

Lower Eyeliner Tattoo -$350.00  

Top and Bottom Eyeliner Tattoo-$700  
Lip Liner Tattoo
Lip Color-
Permanent Lightening and Corrections- Call for Consultation 888-378-5188 All Consultations are FREE if you decide to move forward with the service. If not, a $50 charge is applied.







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